What the Third Richest Man in the World, Jeff Bezos Eats for Breakfast

The wealthiest individuals on planet excite and inspire curiosity about their private lives. Many billionaires maintain their personal lives as quiet as possible.

Jeff Bezos, the third richest man, is engaged to Lauren Sánchez. People are startled she revealed her fiance's breakfast habits.

Sanchez showed us a typical existence. This affluent person does not eat a large meal every day, as many would assume. 

Sánchez claims Bezos eats Betty Crocker pancakes every morning despite his wealth. This is an unanticipated aspect of the multi-billionaire.

She says her fiance is funny and makes her laugh. She recounted a Sunday ritual they both do. Lauren says Jeff cooks pancakes on Sunday mornings as a chef. 



Lauren verified that Bezos used the guidebook Sunday to make pancakes, calling him the brightest man in the world who never memorizes the recipe.

Lauren views living with Bezos as a "master class." Knowledge and ideas grow daily. Lauren founded Black Ops Aviation and is an expert aerial filming helicopter pilot. 

Her first children's book is coming out. Despite their busy schedules, the couple and their children spend time together.