Here's what "Wealthy" means in 2023 America, in five numbers

$2.6M: That amount is the median American family's net worth in the upper 10% of income, which most of us consider rich. The government Survey of Consumer Finances released Wednesday provided the number.

$483,000: An online poll of 2,521 respondents conducted for Bankrate by YouGov on June 5-7 2023 found that Americans feel they must earn that much to be affluent.

Sounds scary? More than six times the $75,203 average full-time worker wage in 2021, according to the U.S. Census.

$2.2M: According to the Charles Schwab Modern Wealth Survey, Americans need that much net worth to be prosperous in 2023.

Annual survey. Along with inflation, the number may climb annually. You'd be mistaken. Surveys in 2020 said Americans required $2.6 million to be prosperous.



$560,000: In 2023, Schwab found that Americans who feel affluent had an average net worth of that much.

Schwab estimates that over half of Americans feel affluent, yet their average household worth is well below $2.2 million.

$1 million: While the term “millionaire” has lost some of its glitter, it still represents American affluence.“There’s no question that $1 million is a magic number

The median household in the United States has accumulated about $1.1 million in wealth. That's a lot of money, for sure. However, the really wealthy distort the mean.