Megan Fox's Halloween Costume Is Drawing a Lot of Attention

Girl, strike. The Halloween attention Megan Fox wanted may not have been what she expected.

SAG-AFTRA, the actors' union, is still on strike, so only a few stars in projects given waivers (like Sofia Coppola's Priscilla) can promote their films or shows.

How excited is Timothée that he can't do Wonka press? The union issued a “guideline” requesting members to dress as ghosts or goblins instead of “struck work” (studio-made costumes) before Halloween. You can be “a witch,” but not “Hermione Granger.”

Most people thought the rule was stupid and unrelated to the strike. The union amended the "guidelines" to exclude members' kids, celebrities did what they wanted, and we moved on.




Except! Megan Fox dressed as Kill Bill and tagged @sagaftra on Instagram. This move is quite odd. She's being a bad girl by rejecting SAG's hall monitor-like costume policing, but the union isn't The Man, right?

The AMPTP is the group the union is negotiating with to improve the arrangement for actors like Megan Fox. Her fake-edgy tag was a major failure, with Instagram and X commentators noting, “whatever you thought you did…this ain't it.”